Convergence India 2018
2017-11-16 Posed

Launched in 1992, the Convergence India series of expo is credited as South Asia’s largest ICT expo.

Convergence India is the only platform in this region which demonstrates convergence of technologies in Telecom, IT, Broadcast & Digital media sectors.

The expo will showcase latest trends and technologies related to Telecom, Broadcast, Cable and Satellite TV, Cloud & Big Data, IoT, Digital Homes, Mobile devices, Film and Radio, Content Creation, Management and Delivery, etc. and also provides engagement with digital innovators, international business gurus, telecom and broadcasting czars, leaders from IT & Internet and IoT industries. It is a mecca of mega-minds accumulating under one roof to take Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of Digital India ahead, thus resulting in empowering the citizens of the country by transforming the landscape of Indian economy.

The three-day exhibition and concurrent conference sessions provides an excellent networking opportunity for speakers, visitors and delegates. This platform attracts high quality exhibitors to showcase their expertise and identify the thriving business opportunities in India.

Focus Areas

1. Broadband and Internet:

The broadband services user-base in India is expected to grow to 250 million connections by 2017-18.

2. 4G/LTE:

There will be multiple Indian players launching 4G services, and India is likely to have 10-15 million 4G subscribers by December 2016.

3. Big Data and Analytics:

The Indian Big data market will reach $1 billion by 2016, and the analytics market could reach $2.3 billion by the end of 2017-18.

4. Media and Entertainment:

1000 TV channels, 1000 films a year, 20 languages, 6 DTH platforms, 5,000 cable operators, multiple, OTT players, 300 million digital subscribers, 5,000 digital cinemas, dedicated agricultural, health and educational broadcast and content initiatives.

5. Manufacturing:

The government has laid emphasis on the need to develop a domestic base for telecom equipment manufacturing. India?s ICT equipment consumption is expected to touch 11.5% of the global market by 2016. By the year 2020, the total demand for various types of telecom equipment will be around US$ 34 billion.

6. Cloud:

The public cloud market will reach to $1.9 billion in the country by 2018 with a big push from the government?s digital India programme.

7. Electronics:

A growing middle class and increasing affordability will expand the consumer durables market at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.8 per cent to US$ 12.5 billion in FY15.

8. Smart Devices & Accessories:

India will exceed 200 million smartphone users, topping the US as the world?s second largest smartphone market by 2016.

9. e-Commerce:

India is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce countries in Asia Pacific along with China, with a CAGR of 35 percent and USD 100 billion market in 5 years.

10. Internet of Things:

As India embarks on its journey to create 100 smart cities, the Internet of Things will gain traction.

11. Smart Solutions:

Innovative applications like smart cars, smart homes, smart metering, remote management and industrial data collection will be major revenue drivers for service providers.

12. IT outsourcing:

The Indian IT outsourcing sector will register a growth between 13% and 15% in 2016.

13. Apps for the world:

The Indian app market is worth USD 150 million, and is likely to grow by more than four times to $626.23 million by 2016.

14. Gaming:

The global gaming industry is valued at about USD 72 billion, of which video gaming is pegged at around USD 22 billion. The video games industry in India is expected to grow to about USD 776 million by 2018.

15. Automation:

Security and surveillance, remote monitoring of ATM machines, home automation, traffic management, retail, logistics, grid energy, etc. will facilitate optimisation of resources.



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